We Tutor with Heart, helping all students Thrive, by Nurturing and Developing them unconditionally

We offer personalised one-to-one online and in person, as well as engaging online group tuition

Our diverse tutor portfolio empower students of all ages, subjects, and skill levels.

We work with exceptional tutors dedicated to providing expert support for SEND students.

Our exceptional tutors are experienced and thoroughly vetted

How can we help families?

  • Is your child falling behind in school and not receiving the necessary support?
  • Do you need assistance preparing your child for assessments or exams?
  • Perhaps your child has special educational needs, and you believe a personalised approach would be beneficial.

how can we help business?

  • Do you hire employees who have children who are still in school?
  • Do you want your values to be aligned with your staff?
  • Have you considered including tuition into your employee benefits package or salary exchange?
  • Do you have employees whose first language is not English and would like to improve communication in your organisation?

expert assistance from caring tutors

Finding the right help can be difficult, but not with BigCause. We collaborate with families to support students in the best way possible.
We’d be delighted to assist you if you’re looking for a tailored combination of tuition, homework, study skills, coping strategies, and confidence building.

individualised learning plans

We provide tuition at your home or online, at a time convenient for your family. We provide individualised learning plans and use flexible teaching styles to assist individual students in reaching their goals because each child is unique.

BigCause  only hires the best tutors, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted and are subject experts. We work with families and schools to help students achieve their full potential, including children with special educational needs and students learning English as a second language.

Tuition for primary school aged children

Tuition for secondary school pupils

A-level tuition for students

your next step

bigCause onboarding process

When you schedule a free consultation with us, we will go over your child’s tuition needs in great detail. With your help, our *Focus Assessment and 30-minute Mentor session will identify where your child is now and where you want him or her to go before considering the best way to help your child reach their end goal.

Our Power Process not only informs us about your child’s mental and emotional state, but it also prepares the tutor to plan an academic strategy for your child.

*You are not obliged to use the Focus Assessment and 30-minute Mentor session

*We only recommend the Mentor Session from Year 7 onwards

*The Focus Assessment £25 and 30-minute Mentor session £25, are refundable when you contract BigCause as your tuition provider.