Private Primary Tutor From BigCause

Find A High Quality Private Primary Tutor To

  • Keep up, or catch up, with the curriculum
  • Provide SATs support
  • Prepare for school entrance exams
  • Move through primary education at a more advanced level

Looking for a Private Primary Tutor

Many parents choose to help their children progress in education with the help of a private primary tutor. SAT’s and other benchmark test scores in the final year of elementary school are generally used by high schools to place students into groups based on their scores. These tests are an important element of primary education, and structured tutoring can really help prepare children for their journey to secondary school.

In addition to helping children prepare for their first experiences with exams, primary education develops an understanding of learning methods that will accompany the student throughout their education and even their career. It is in these early years that children begin their relationship with learning and our tutors ensure that learning is fun and that children see the benefits of good learning.

With extensive experience in primary school, our Tutors work with children to develop a personalized learning plan that will result in educational gains in both the short and long term.

Private primary tuition fits seamlessly into school life, helping children to identify their strengths and learn how to overcome the most difficult areas of learning. The lessons are beneficial for all children, including children with special educational needs, children preparing for private school exams, or those who are not being challenged enough in school and want to advance in the curriculum.

Preparing for entrance exams

School entrance exams can be a daunting experience for children, but with the support of a knowledgeable primary tutor, students will be fully prepared for the exams and increase their chances of being offered a place. BigCause tutors have a lot of experience in helping students achieve good results on entrance exams by developing a personalized study plan that allows students to reach their potential.

Our primary tutors have a strong background in helping students prepare for schools in their area, helping students understand what to expect on exams, and help them to develop in the required areas. like verbal and non-verbal thinking.

Primary home education

In addition to classroom instruction, we also offer quality home-schooling for primary school. There are several reasons why home-schooling may be a better fit for students than being in school, and we can help. to make this important decision in an initial consultation.

We have worked with many parents who have been home-schooling their children and our specialist tutors can provide invaluable support to you and your child during the school-to-home transition.