We Tutor with Heart, helping all students Thrive, by Nurturing and Developing them unconditionally

I know it takes a village to raise a child or anyone for that matter.

BigCause, my education project, is a "village" that allows me to live my purpose.

Which is to create environments and opportunities for people to grow.

I do this unconditionally and with heart.

BigCause is a proud member of

Miguel de Sousa

Chief Cheerleader at BigCause

Boasting thirty years of exemplary leadership within 4 and 5-star hotel establishments, coupled with three enriching years of owning and managing a bespoke private tuition business, I’ve fine-tuned my expertise and am ready to redefine private tuition. I’ve identified a compelling need for a more comprehensive academic mentoring service, one that not only addresses immediate scholastic challenges but prepares students for a multifaceted future.

At BigCause, we understand that education isn’t one-size-fits-all. We strive to deliver tailored academic mentoring and private tuition that fills in the academic gaps, boosts confidence, and adapts to each child’s unique learning style. Our mission is to empower our students with the right perspective, enabling them to successfully navigate their personal and professional lives in an increasingly complex world.

We firmly believe that academic mentoring is an indispensable component in delivering core subjects. Our mentoring approach fosters a growth mindset where outcomes are driven by the decisions and actions students take control of, and by their willingness to invest in themselves. We don’t just impart knowledge; we build character and shape future leaders

providing bespoke solutions

Whether your child is doing well or struggling in class, we will personalise our recommendations to meet his or her unique needs.
When you work with BigCause, you'll notice that everything we do is designed to meet the unique needs of each student and their families.

tutoring with heart​

Our vision is to provide every child with the necessary relevant knowledge to embrace education. We pair students with tutors who we believe have the best chance of bringing a subject to life and finding angles that will stimulate a student’s interest in the work required. We build a strong foundation for teaching everything they need to know to achieve grades that accurately reflect their abilities by exploring ways to engage students in a topic.

mentoring for an "I CAN DO IT" mindset

We strongly believe in instilling a growth mindset through academic mentorship in students that will last a lifetime. We work with students to help them feel positive about school, exams, and ongoing learning before diving into the academics of a subject.

Our tutors and mentors ensure that the student reaches their full potential not only by tutoring in specific subjects, but also by working closely with students to help them develop confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed.

I highly recommend you watch the video below to understand BigCause’s onboarding process and the student’s journey to success.