Private Degree Tuition From BigCause

BigCause provides private tutors to students pursuing degrees in any subject, whether it is assistance with understanding course content or correctly structuring written work.

The benefits of hiring a private Degree tutor

The benefits of hiring a private Degree tutor

Our specialist degree tutors provide face-to-face and online tuition for your specific degree.

Having a tutor while studying for GCSEs and A Levels is common nowadays, but not so much when beginning a degree. This is even though for many students, the transition to different teaching methods, little contact with lecturers, and completely independent study at university is a significant step forward.

Many students find one or more modules to be more difficult than others. Our degree tutors can assist students in understanding the content of specific topic areas in which they are struggling. Alternatively, they can assist with essay or dissertation structure. They will also provide university and next steps advice that you will not find in a textbook.

Our degree tutors will also assist students with special educational needs who may require a wide range of additional assistance that they are unable to obtain effectively through their university.

Our degree tutors have all been thoroughly vetted and approved to work with undergraduates and postgraduate students. Our tutors help you improve your knowledge, understanding, retention of information, application skills, and writing skills by providing one-on-one attention and expert tuition.

Top Degree tuition from BigCause

BigCause tutors have many years of experience assisting students in reaching their full academic potential. Our friendly, knowledgeable tutors will assist students by:

  • Assisting students in improving their understanding in areas where they struggle
  • Techniques for remembering information and improving study skills
  • Assisting with exam preparation and practising responses to questions
  • Improving writing skills to improve written assignment grades

Get the results you need

Degree-level exam questions require students to demonstrate higher levels of analysis and comprehension than in previous studies, so learning the requirements with a specialised private degree tutor will be extremely beneficial.

Obtaining good exam and assignment results requires not only strong subject knowledge, but also excellent written and exam techniques, which tutors will spend time helping students develop in order for them to achieve the highest grades that they are capable of.